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LED spotlight light, tree light

The ultra-narrow angle is 4 degree, and ultra-long projection distance is 2-3 km, which can form a beam in the sky, also known as beam lamp. It widely used for searchlight/accent lighting/bridge lighting/outdoor lighting/architecture lighting/stadium/lighting show/flag lighting e.t.c..




Housing: die-cast aluminum, powder coating,the shell color can be customized;
The combination of Fresnel lens and Optical glass lens;
Surface mounted, built-in drive;
Waterproof rating: IP66
Net Weight: 10kg
Volume Weight: 55kg
Different color temperatures are available on request.
All technical data are subject to industry standard tolerances.

Special features of Indoor down light

in-ground light: Light effect and planning aid

Lighting tool

Light distribution

Configure LED light

LED power
5W5W - 20W20W
LED lumens
50 lm50lm - 250lm250 lm
Light distribution
Color temperature
Art. No. Lighting tool Light distribution LED power LED lumens Control Mode